Chicken Coop 3.0 urban-Tacoma

Going with this chicken door opener from eBay. It’s $170 including aluminum door and sliders at the time of this writing.

opener and door

There are certainly plenty of predators around Tacoma. Hawks, raccoons and cats oh my. My plan here is to elevate the coop about 3-5ft off the ground with a little ramp for the chickens to use in the mornings and evenings. The floor of the coop will be 1/2in hardware cloth (galvanized wire fence with 1/2in square holes), and the automatic door. That should keep everyone pretty much as safe as they can be.

You can see the nesting boxes off the back, door opener, coop supports, and ramp down to the ground. Like a tree house, the coop will surround an existing fence post.

There will be a roosting pole slightly off the ground in the coop. I think with the floor being permeable, and the coop off the ground, it will give the birds the feeling of roosting up off the ground even though they may only need to hope up a few inches to get to the pole. The back wall of the nesting boxes will have a simple latch and hinge to get eggs, and occasional clean out.

The corrugated roof sections will be slightly overlapping at the peak with one higher than the other. I’m going to make one of those roof panels removable for clean outs. Or I could make the side wall removable instead. We’ll see.