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2012. My name is Drew, wife Alibot and daughter Bingo. Alibot and I are in our thirties and are what I would consider late bloomers. We’re going through an important time in our lives, that transition between the end of college and the start of career, mortgage, and children; really the invention of the mid part of our lives.

Wife and I have come up with a few ideas that we’re going to try out. While I think some of it may be general anger and creativity, it’s impossible to separate our ideas and feelings from our environment.

graphics-fireworks-091422I was born in the late 70s. My Mom worked in the technology sector so our family saw a pretty big arc of computing power. We had every modem from the 2400 baud to the 56.6k. I spent time on bulletin board services (bbs’s) and AOL when you would get slammed for minutes over your monthly allotment. As a kid, I remember sitting in front of our computer watching the fireworks screen saver with my whole family. It was our first color monitor. I always had an interest in video games, which spilled over into the internet. I didn’t go bonkers over it: I’m no computer programmer, or web-developer. I do have a history in technology.

Alibot and I have some ideas that I think are interesting and worth sharing. Over the next five years, we’ll be trying all kinds of new things. Both she and I like to get inputs from blogs all over the internet, radio shows, TV – you name it.

Plan Echo – year ago I had made a plan to graduate from college. It was plan Alpha. Bravo was to work in the maritime industry working my way up through the ranks on tallships and tug boats. Then I lost track of my plans. Now Alibot and I are planning on living ecologically sustainable lives, and I figured I’d call it Echo.

The purpose of this blog is to share our ideas, and document our successes, failures, and insights into this transitional part of our lives.

2017. So much for plan echo. We bought a house in Port Angeles, and it was a total bust! Luckily we didn’t lose our shirts in the process. After a few years of renting again, and me moving companies a few times, we’ve purchased a home in Tacoma. Bingo is three years old. I’m a Jr Captain at a tugboat company in nearby Seattle.