Bicycle theft and security

Just had a couple of bikes stolen, and looking back on it, I wish I would’ve done a few things differently. Seems like a multi-tier anti-theft plan is probably about best. Given certain situations, there are silver-bullet solutions to bicycle theft, a Kryptonite bike lock insured up to $2250 here.

Register your bike

There are several bicycle theft serial number websites out there, but the google result that comes up first, and my favorite is Friendly support, excellent system, and free.99. Snap two pictures of your bicycle: 1 the whole bike, and 2 the bottom of the bottom bracket where the frame serial number is stamped into the frame.

Buy a u-lock

“u-locks” are the way to go here. Kryptonite seem to be industry standard for awesome locks. They also guarantee actual dollar amounts on your bicycle, so if it’s locked up properly, they’ll guarantee up to some dollar amount to replace the bicycle. This pic is my second favorite bike lock hack: put a long loop of string on the key. When you’re not using the lock, lock the key to the lock. When you do use it, it’s easy to stick it in your pocket. Do this, and you will never lose your key. My #1 favorite lock hack.

Even more protection

I read somewhere that you could stick a Tile on your bike somewhere. Not a bad idea I think! I’d gorilla tape it under the seat. Bikeindex turned me on to iota GPS tracker which is a rechargeable actual GPS tracker.

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