Mailbird desktop email client review

You remember those “desktop email client” things from 1995? Well, apparently they still exist. Mailbird does an excellent job of doing exactly as advertised, and staying out of the way.

There’s very little that bothers me about Gmail web-version. Once you turn on keyboard-shortcuts (huge fan, huge) you can navigate through emails pretty darn fast. Nice thing about Mailbird is that it can use the exact same shortcuts.

If Gmail web-interface isn’t a bother, why switch to Mailbird? Well, there are some advertisements in Gmail web version. If it’s my own computer, and I’m going to be using the webmail, I’ll install Gemilius Chrome extension to make advertisements disappear. Then finally I’d say: it’s free, and so similar to Gmail there is zero learning curve. I’d say try it out for 1 day, and see if you’re still using it a month later. If this email program pissed me off, I’d remove it immediately. It’s been months, and it’s still here. And that, my friend, is saying something.

A few features that stand out to me:

  • grabs Facebook images and slaps them on your contacts as emails show up
  • enable Gmail keyboard shortcuts
  • Always show remote images, or you can disable and allow from individuals only
  • fully compatible with Gmail style folders and labels

Get it here